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"I see a dope dealer as a natural business owner who has been conditioned to push the wrong product...there's still a lot of hidden potential there." ~Shirelle

"If you cannot relate to the people, you will not reach the people." ~Shirelle 

"It is vital that each elected official knows all of the neighborhoods housed within their districts and not just the one that they live in" ~Shirelle

"Elected officials easily over-commit and under-deliver simply because they don't know what powers they possess in their role on a local level" ~Shirelle

We cannot afford to judge people based off their choices when we won’t take the time to understand the options they had to choose from. Are we offering alternative solutions? Are we willing to teach people a better way and address underlying issues? Are we willing to teach more consumers how to be creators and build generational wealth instead? Are we willing to release outdated mandates in order to benefit all Shelby County residents abroad and bring an increase in revenues and a decrease in taxes? Are we willing to make Memphis a safer and thriving place to live versus being the most repulsive city in America? Well, it is time to bring in fresh perspectives. If we want to see different, we must vote differently. No more career politicians who are more concerned about themselves than the people they're elected to serve. I am the people. 

Some of the many issues to discuss: (this list will be updated as more ideas are generated)

  • Mental Health Awareness & Programs(Repeat Offenders, Violent Crimes, Parental Support)
  • Economic Development in Inner City Areas (Blight Removal, New Urbanism)
  • Small Business Support (Sustainability & Expansion, 2nd Chance programs)
  • Affordable Transportation Alternatives

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