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Voter Information

The Dates to vote are as follows:

General Voting Election: August 4,2022- *This is the election I will be included in* 

Early Voting July 15-30, 2022 

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Voter Registration Deadline and other important dates

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What is a County Commissioner?

There are 13 County Commissioners in Shelby County in which the county is split into 13 districts. All County Commissioners are assigned 1 district each.
A County Commissioner enacts legislation (local laws) through presenting a resolution or an ordinance, approving the county's fiscal budget, setting the property tax rate, establishes policy, and serves as a voice for the constituents (residents) of Shelby County, TN.
Residents are allowed and encouraged to attend the meetings and speak about community issues and concerns.
County Commissioners are responsible for local laws and must adhere to both State and Federal laws. They cannot change State laws (statues), and that task is assigned to a State Representative who must also adhere to Federal Laws. For instance, A County Commissioner cannot change laws that are written in the Federal Constitution.
Read more specifics about the newly approved County 2022 Budget and who all is under the County's budget.
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